/Playing Poker Tight In Cash Games

Playing Poker Tight In Cash Games

Before we get into how to win in a poker game, let us first define the term “playing tight” in poker. In a poker game, being tight means that you are conservative in your playing style. Tight in poker means that you are playing with the idea of holding on to your money rather than taking risks. When we say holding on to our money, this does not mean that you should never fold or take calls, it simply means that when it is time to act, you should act. This might mean that you raise or re-raise the flop and play tight. So starting bankroll for a novice’s poker game is a must.

Being tight at poker is a very effective way to play a tight poker game.

Not only is it very effective but you are going to find that many poker players who are tight, tend to be extremely good at their poker game. I am sure you have heard of some of the great poker players such as Russ Hamilton, Phil Hellmuth and Raymer. These are poker players that have become extremely good at playing tight poker. There are also many more names that you probably will be able to find if you do a little research on the Internet.

So what is tight play? The main characteristic of tight play in poker is that you will be very aggressive. You will almost act like you are playing against a strong opponent. You will make strong raises and re-raised bets whenever it is time to act. This will usually work well because many beginners start out by being tight and then they get frustrated and quit the poker game.

What is also important to remember about being tight is that it can often cost you the pot.

Sometimes if you are tight, you may not have enough money in the pot to get out. Or you may be in a hand situation and be throwing chips all in one game. Playing tight is definitely a good way to play a poker game but it should not be your primary strategy. Most successful poker players are not tight players, so they always have a plan on when they are going to act and how many chips they are going to put in the pot.

You will want to do your best to stick to your initial decision about being tight, no matter what you are doing. This is because if you are tight and someone gets a nice raise and you have some chips and you act, then you will be in trouble. Some tight players will make the big raise thinking they have a chance to win the pot, but often times they will lose big. Sticking to your original tight strategy will often give you the best chances of winning the pot.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing tight in poker is when you are holding the tight card, be aggressive. Don’t hold onto the cards so tight that you forget about everything else. Often times when you are tight it’s hard to make decisions, but if you act on it before somebody makes an action, you will usually end up winning the hand. There is also another rule about playing tight in cash games: don’t play with your head. If you think you can play a hand, act on it, otherwise you will be just throwing away a hand if you hold onto your head.